Why Wear Scarves?

Many people do not know what an amazing accessory scarves are. There are many ways to wear them, many occasions to wear them to, and is a great addition to any outfit.

To Dress-Up Or Dress-Down:

Scarves are perfect for dressing up an outfit of any sort. There is such a variety of styles, shapes, and colors to choose from that finding the right one to fit your unique personality is easy. Scarves match anything from formal to casual attire. Add a splash of color to an evening dress by using a solid colored sheer scarf and you will be amazed at your elegant appearance. Add a bright print scarf to a basic tee-shirt and jeans for everyday wear. They are a quick way to add style and flair.

Turning One Outfit Into Several:

A new scarf is the easiest way to update your wardrobe without emptying your wallet. One scarf worn different ways with one shirt can give you several entirely different outfits that will be perfect for work, school, or any occasion. For this reason, scarves are fashion-forward and a great money saver. Multicolored scarves are great for matching to multiple outfits; they go with many different color schemes and coordinate with an assortment of clothing styles.

Easy And Quick Accessory:

Scarves are easy to wear and make you look fabulous. Though there are many intricate and elaborate ways to wear them, a simple toss over the shoulder with a pin is a stunning look. Wearing long scarves wrapped once around your neck, with one side shorter than the other produces a long, lean look. When wearing a simple top, patterned scarves are fabulous for adding an original twist. Brooches can be used as a fashion statement, and to keep your scarf in place. Never fuss too much with your scarf, remember they are made to be quick and easy.


There is a scarf out there for every occasion and personality. With so many styles, textures and patterns to choose from, you will always find one that will match your individual style and mood. Not only is the scarf itself versatile, but also the way you wear it. Fuller and larger scarves can add texture to your outfit. What if you only have long, straight scarves? Then wear them long or tie them up into a manner that is suited for your outfit. Use pins to hold them in place or let them drape freely. Do not shy away from the classic wrap around your neck and let the ends hang. For something unique; tie them around your waist to break up a solid-colored outfit. Trends for 2011 scarf trends include animal prints, stripes, bright color, prints, elaborate patterns, and embellishments; such as lace, fringe, chains, and jeweled elements.

Scarves are an exceptional accessory, and a great accent to include in your daily outfits. They are economically friendly, add burst of color and style to your outfit, and work with everything. So this seasons hot style gives your wardrobe a longer life.