How To Pack Lightly For A Winter Trip


During the winter months, light packing is a whole different ballgame. For a cold-weather trip, a few lightweight stuff sacks in your luggage can make all the difference. Lots of cold weather gear looks bulky (like those puffy jackets and ski pants), but can actually pack down to be super small.


Puffy coats can usually be squished down to almost nothing. Marmot / Ryan Cleary
When you’re laying out all your options to pack for your trip, choose fabrics with a good warmth-for-weight ratio. In other words, you’re looking for items that will insulate well and keep you warm, and that aren’t too bulky and heavy.Materials like down, fleece, and Merino wool have great warmth-to-weight ratios: they tend to be really light, compressible enough to pack down to almost nothing, and are super-insulators.


It’s tempting to bring a few pairs of shoes for various activities, but for the most part, boots are your best friend for winter traveling. Not only are they warmer, but good quality boots will also have excellent traction and keep you from sliding around on ice and snow.