Five Things To Remember While Buying a Men's Scarf

Men scarves are wonderful winter clothing accessory for men. A simple scarf wrapped around the neck not only saves you from the chilly winter winds but also looks extremely sexy and stylish too. The only trick is to pick the right kind of scarf and tie it in interesting forms to enhance the overall appeal of the entire look. Take a look at the pointers below which can help you select just the right kind of scarf for this winter season.

Long Length The first thing to consider while buying a men's scarf is its length. Make sure that you get a kind which can be rolled twice or thrice around the neck and yet it has loose ends as long as tie length. Believe it or not but he multiple drapes enhance the oomph factor of a scarf.

Considerable Thickness A bit of bulk is necessary in case of men scarves as a thin scarf would look nothing less than a toilet paper roll. But just do not go overboard with it as that too, might end up in a major fashion faux pas. Hence, pick a kind which is neither thin nor too thick.

Go for Stripes and Plaid There are certain standard patterns which can never go wrong with men, that are - stripes, checks and tartans. Guys with varied body built up and heights can easily try on these scarf patterns as they are guaranteed to look good on everyone.

Experiment with Colors Bright and bold colors are the name of the game in case of scarves. Do not hesitate in trying gaudy shades or multiple shades together. Just manipulate them sensibly with your varied jackets and overcoats and you will sure be making a style statement!

Scarf Tying Styles Matter One of the most striking feature of scarf being carried is the way it has been tied. A man should know how to tie a scarf in different styles and of course be sure of what looks good on him as only then one can create a charm out of the entire look.