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Marmot is now one of the premier manufacturers of technical jackets, pants, and extreme weather suits, as well as accessories, tents, backpacks, and sleeping bags for all season, conditions, and activities.Marmot continues to partner with leading brands like Gore-Tex, Primaloft, and Polartec to create top-quality products for a wide range of conditions and uses.

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Business Networking Is a Game of Patience

If you understand how business networking works and how effective it can be, you will really appreciate it. You will pay homage to the fact that something so powerful is literally "free of charge." Okay, there are business networking events that char ..........Read full article

Gucci Bags - Best Choice For a Woman

Every woman dreams of being the focus of world attention with their fascinating handbags. Many women go through life seeking the best one suiting their requirement and often end up feeling frustrated about it because the ones they buy can not meet th ..........Read full article

Yes You Can Become Famous

To grow your business you must first be noticed or what I like to call be the Red jacket in a sea of gray suits. In this book, Steven Van Yoder shares some quick and simple strategies to help you become noticeable or just slightly famous.Van Yoder se ..........Read full article

How I Won Tony Hawk's Treasure Hunt (#THTH)

Every year, for the past 3 years, Tony Hawk has a treasure hunt on Twitter. It started as almost a joke, he threw a skateboard in some bushes and tweeted the location, but has built into a giant event worldwide. Tony gets his sponsors and other aweso ..........Read full article

History of Adidas Samba

The Adidas Samba shoe has been around since 1950 when it was designed specifically to help soccer players train on hard or icy ground. The suction on the gumsole provided this unique ability and they quickly became very popular. Their continued use f ..........Read full article

The Nike Air Max Skyline - A Cool and Casual Shoe

For those of you who want a cool casual shoe, then you need to really consider the Nike Air Max Skyline SI. With a shoe like this you get footwear that everyone will want, because they are just so amazing. This article will take a quick look into the ..........Read full article

The Balmain La Plagne Pen Is Put to My 3000 Word Challenge

I have been eagerly awaiting the box of Balmain pen samples direct from Balmain of Paris. Having seen that I review pens daily, Balmain obviously saw this as a chance to show off their exceptional range of executive pens. The first pen I took out of ..........Read full article

Hit the Streets With a Red Handbag!

Many women refer to the red handbag as a knock-out accessory, since they believe it to be the ultimate "mojo" for their wardrobe. If you are a lady and your wardrobe lacks this magnificent piece, it is time you did your fashion style a favor and grab ..........Read full article

Designer Clothes and the Different Brands Available

Designer clothes are equated to so much in our lives, including financial status, our sense of style and even our personal tastes. Not surprising, even our way of defining designer clothes vary from person to the next. Bearing the logos or labels of ..........Read full article

Calvin Klein Bags

Calvin Klein is a famous brand that sells Clothes, Watches, Belts, Bags, and also shoes. It is a really powerful company that is able to compete with the international market. Calvin Klein has many masterpieces that are known well by all of people in ..........Read full article